GDI Vehicles

Dragonfly HVR Kazuar Goliath Scatterpack MLRS Walker Wasp APC Railgun Tank Mammoth Mark 2 Harvester MSV MRV MCV

'Dragonfly' H.V.R.

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GDI Dragonflies are lightning fast hover units armed with rocket pods capable of dishing out damage to light armor and bringing down light aircraft.

'Kazuar' Vulcan Walker

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The Kazuar was designed to keep civilian cities safe. It is equipped with a rapid Vulcan cannon, which is effective against both light vehicles and most infantry. It's quick mobility and decent amour makes up for it's lack of armour.

With it's secondary cockpit, the Kazuar is also capable of quickly transporting up to 2 soldiers anywhere on the battlefield.

'Goliath' Heavy Tank

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The M2 Generation IV Battle Tank, better known as the Goliath, forms the spearhead of GDI armoured battalions. Manufactured by Globotech the Goliath is derived from the Leopard 2 and X-67 Mammoth Tank, and has successfully replaced the aging M1 Abrams as GDI's primary battle tank. Standard armaments are over and under smoothbore 120mm tank guns that fire special Kinetic-Explosive shells designed to puncture even the toughest armour and subsequently detonate, dealing critical damage to the interior of an enemy vehicle. However such high-precision weapons are often inefficient against fast and mobile infantry and treacherous Tiberium fauna. The Goliath has earned several nicknames from GDI veterans the most popular being Mammoth JR. and Mini-Mammy.

'Scatterpack' Gattling Walker

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The Scatterpack is GDI's main anti-air unit. The Scatterpack is armed with many rapid Gatling cannons capable of ripping infantry and aircraft to shreds in a matter of seconds. Due-to the heavy Machinery, the Scatterpack isn't very fast but can easily defend itself against Infantry and aircraft and is also quite effective against heavy armor in large groups.

M.L.R.S. Walker

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This huge walker is one of the most powerful units at GDI's disposal. The MLRS walker moves very slowly due-to it's heavy load and is lightly armoured in order to avoid slower movement. The weapon carried by the MLRS Walker is a huge Rocket System capable of firing up to 16 missiles at a time. The missiles are fired straight from the rocket hatch traveling at high speeds destroying things with ease. While the MLRS walker looks intimidating it has a few setbacks such as inaccuracy, light armor and of course it's very slow pace. When the MLRS walker is going into combat it normally travels in no more than groups of two or three as the weapon is unpredictable and dangerous to any nearby units, including friendly units.

'Wasp' A.P.C.

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Due to the ever increasing thorn infestation, conventional amphibious assaults were deemed too risky. Commissioned to counter this problem the 'Wasp' A.P.C. was designed to circumvent underwater thorn infestations by hovering safely above it.

Capable of carrying up to a total of eight soldiers across the battlefield the Wasp is more than just a troop transport. These A.P.C's are armed with a small Electro-Magnetic beam weapon that can temporarily disable a single enemy vehicle or structure at a time, the effect is very short-lasting however due-to the high energy demands on such a small vehicle.

Unfortunately for GDI severe Tiberium related weather such as Ion Storms are becoming more frequent causing yet more problems for GDI's amphibious assault program.

Railgun Platform

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Before the second Tiberium War, railguns were heavily researched by GloboTech as means to defend from the ever-increasing meteor storms that threatened densely populated areas. The railguns were designed to shatter the meteors while in higher athmosphere; their fragments would be small enough to disintegrate before reaching the ground.

When the war broke loose between the two superpowers, GDI immediately saw the potential in these destructive weapons. They commisioned GloboTech to produce a single prototype which, unfortunatelly, was discovered and captured by Nod when they raided a GloboTech research facility. Owing to the heroic actions of a GDI Commando squad, the facility was liberated and the prototype secured.

GDI continued to further improve the design in their own R&D facilities, and eventually the Railgun Platform was finished, albeit it entered the battlefields late to the war. This heavy, dual-purpose vehicle can engage both air and ground targets with devastating accuracy. The weapon is designed to utilize kinetic energy rather than explosive rounds, making it effective against heavy armor but poor against small targets like infantry. However, it must deploy in order to target air units. This position makes the vehicle most vulnerable, so a company of Railgun Platforms or other ground units is recommended to defend the deployed tanks.

'Mammoth' Armature

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This hulking behemoth represents the pinnacle of GDI weapons research. More than a spiritual successor to the famous Mammoth Tank, the Armature tops every other ground unit in strength and firepower. Sporting dual railguns, it packs twice the punch a Railgun Platform does. It can defend itself from air strikes with S.A.M. batteries mounted on its back. Finally, the Armature is fitted with an E.M.P. core. When activated, the device sends a circular, electromagnetic pulse, disabling any mechanical unit or structure, friend or foe, within its short range.

Because of the high cost of tech and supplies, only one can be constructed at a time.


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GDI's Tiberium Harvesters are slower than the Nod counterpart but have a much higher load capacity and are entirely amphibious allowing them to access isolated tiberium with ease.

Mobile Sensor Vehicle (M.S.V.)

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Developed in an attempt to combat the Brotherhood’s increasing use of Stealth technology, the Mobile Sensor Vehicle (M.S.V.) has become a common sight within GDI controlled zones. The first prototypes were ordinary surveillance vehicles, upgraded with the best sensory equipment of the time. However, as Nod's stealth technology became ever more sophisticated, these M.S.V. models could not meet expectations and were soon rendered obsolete.

After forming an alliance with GDI, the mega corporation GloboTech expressed mutual interest in depriving Nod of its advanced optical camouflage. With GDI experience in combating previous Lazarus fields and GloboTech’s resources it was only natural that they would pool together to develop the next generation mobile sensor platform. Propelled by GloboTech’s patient hover technology, the M.S. V. can be deployed virtually anywhere. This design proved to be an instant success.

In order to operate, the M.S.V. must first be deployed into a Sensor Outpost. Only then can the vehicle accuratelly detect and track enemy movement. The Sensor Outpost reveals any units, whether they were shrouded, cloaked or subterranean, within its sensor radius. If the Outpost operators detect any enemy units within range, the crew will sound an alarm alerting any nearby troops of the danger. The M.S.V. is not entirely helpless whilst mobile, as it’s armed with a fixed machine gun to defend itself.

Mobile Repair Vehicle (M.R.V.)

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GDI Mobile Repair Tanks are large units supplied by any Repair Bay that is constructed on the battle-field. These large vehicles can repair even the largest units on the battle-field in a matter of moments. In order for a vehicle this large to maintain a necessary movement pace, heavy armor had to be sacrificed.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (M.C.V.)

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The foundation of any base starts with the Mobile Construction Vehicle (M.C.V.). Able to deploy itself into a fully functioning Construction Yard, the M.C.V. is a highly prized piece of equipment for the G.D.I..

To deploy the M.C.V., select it, then double-click. If you get a "no deploy" cursor, something is blocking deployment of the unit. Move any other vehicles and infantry away from it, or move it away from trees or rocks that would prevent deployment.

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