Welcome back operations officer. Twisted Insurrection version 0.9 was unleashed at the end of last month, however the news post was delayed till now. So let's wipe away the dust and bring you up to speed. The team has been hard at work since the release of 0.8 to bring you quite possibly Twisted Insurrections biggest overhaul to date.

Click the button below to head straight for the download, or stick around to see what's new in the release and what's in store for the future.

Table of Contents

  • What's New in Version 0.9

    • New Multiplayer Factions

      • GDI & Nod Sub-Factions
      • GloboTech
      • The Forsaken

    • Quality of Life Updates

      • Cutscene Improvements
      • Music
      • Graphics & Sound
      • ReShade

  • Future Plans

    • Multiplayer Tweaks
    • Campaign Changes

  • Reinforcements Required

    • Staff Changes
    • Positions Available

What's New in Version 0.9
The long-awaited game update has been released, filled with hundreds of new additions, fixes, and changes. Most are bugfixes and minor QoL additions, but what we're most excited about are the major changes which we're highlighting below.

New Multiplayer Factions
Perhaps the most significant change in version 0.9 is the introduction of 5 new playable factions and one survival mode mini-faction.

GDI & Nod Sub-Factions
Over the years GDI and Nod have accumulated several units with overlapping roles. Knowing that several of these units are quite popular and not wanting to outright cut them, we've decided to split our two main factions into two sub-factions.

Global Defense Initiative:

  • Falcon Division: A traditional task force that relies on slow but powerful units and a defensive doctrine to expand and steamroll the enemy into submission.
  • Phoenix Regiment: After rejecting the UN verdict to diminish GDI's influence and power, this splinter regiment was formed specifically to fight against the Brotherhood of Nod despite overwhelming odds and lack of official support. They rely on light units and hit-and-run tactics backed by long-range support.

Brotherhood of Nod:

  • Genesis Legion: Sanctioned by the Inner Circle, this faction oversees Nod's Tiberium and cybernetic projects. They are responsible for some of Nod's most sinister creations and are not afraid to use them against Nod's enemies.
  • Sons of Kane: A loyalist faction that see the use of cybernetics as antithetical to Kane's true vision. The Sons rely on Nod's proven guerilla and terror tactics while employing powerful new stealth units.

Those that have played the campaign will recognize that some of these sub-factions are already featured in the story, so it only makes sense for them to finally appear in multiplayer as well.
Note that the sub-factions will replace GDI and Nod in standard multiplayer modes. If you don't care about bloat and just want to play the game as before, then fret not. The Unholy Alliance (UA) game mode has been repurposed to cater to your taste. UA lets you play with an almost full GDI or Nod arsenal, with overlapping units being removed.

(Click on the image to view in full size)

GloboTech Corporation
GloboTech is now available as a full-fledged multiplayer faction. This has been an increasingly popular request ever since the faction's inception. Now that wish has been granted, with GT available in all game modes.

Now you may ask, "But wait, what about the capturable GloboTech buildings littered across maps?" Certain GloboTech buildings like the Armoury, Hospital, and Fusion Reactor remain as capturable Tech Structures. Others have been replaced with neutral or Forsaken buildings.

The Forsaken

The Forsaken have been slightly elevated from their passive "Tech Faction" status. While they're still far too limited in numbers and resources to wage a full-scale battle against the three superpowers, you can now play as Forsaken in Survival mode. What's more fitting for a scavenger faction than fighting over precious supply crates?

Quality of Life Updates

Cutscene Improvements
Cutscenes have always been a defining feature of the Command & Conquer series. Unfortunately, the VQA video format used in Tiberian Sun has been a bane for modders to work with, both due to low video quality and painstaking encoding process.

Fortunately, the C&C community members CCHyper, tomsons26 and Rampastring have recently implemented Bink Video support for TS mods. This is the same video format used in, for example, Red Alert 2 and Renegade. Bink provides superior video and audio quality, larger video resolution, stereo sound, and more.

Here's a little graphical comparison between the two. The frame is from this new cutscene.

0.9 has two new tracks by Swirekster and one by our newest composer LupusMechanicus:

  • Grim Carnival
  • Sanctuary
  • Dark Machinations

In addition, TI's project founder and former lead developer Aro has made a guest contribution by remastering TI's legacy tracks, including one never-before-seen lost track, Repentance.

Graphics & Sound
New Structure Art:
New structure artwork by McPwny, FekLeyTarg, Crimsonum and ErastusMercy:

  • Shared

    • TD-era Service Depot

  • GDI

    • TI-era War Factory
    • TD-era War Factory

  • Nod

    • TD-era Airstrip

  • GloboTech

    • Construction Yard
    • Generator
    • Tiberium Refinery
    • Radar Facility
    • Assembly Line
    • Helipad
    • Technology Center
    • Command Center
    • Force Cannon

  • Map Props

    • Air Traffic Control Tower
    • Communications Tower
    • Nod Psychic Tower
    • Several misc. civilian/neutral assets.

New Infantry & Vehicle Art:
New infantry sprites by Swirekster and Demo, a public asset by Machine, and cameos by ErastusMercy. New and/or updated vehicle graphics by martx, ErastusMercy and Demo:

  • GDI

    • Exo-Suit
    • Valkyrie Commando
    • Orca Gunship
    • Deployed Phalanx Railgun

  • Nod

    • Acolyte
    • Infector
    • Cyborg Paladin
    • Eclipse
    • Banshee
    • Wraith
    • Stinger (New turret for both mobile and deployed modes)
    • Instigator
    • Spectre APC
    • Mosquito

  • GloboTech

    • Peacekeeper
    • Defender
    • Medic
    • Enforcer
    • Warden Tank

  • Wildlife

    • Canker
    • Berserker
    • Crawfish
    • Bog Beast

Misc. Improvements
New and/or updated visual effects by Apollo, Crimsonum and Demo. New terrain graphics by ErastusMercy. New voiceovers by BigHeehee and Matthew Vanston.

  • New voiceovers for GDI Ranger and Nod Cyborg Reaper
  • New & improved visual effects, e.g. explosions, smoke, etc.
  • New sound effects
  • Crater smudges

This update comes packed with a new graphics option, ReShade. ReShade enhances the in-game graphics at runtime, allowing you to apply various visual effects such as colour correction, bloom, god rays, and more. Use the shipped presets or make your own profile with the easy-to-follow in-game tutorial.

Compatible only with the CnC-DDraw and TS-DDraw renderers.

Read more about ReShade at reshade.me.

Future Plans
We plan to continue to tweak and refine the multiplayer balance, building upon the foundation version 0.9 has provided.

As we've mentioned before, one of our main goals for the future is to revise the GDI and Nod campaigns, which have fallen behind our quality standards. In order to rebuild the campaign, we have to lay down the groundwork first. That is why in version 0.9, we've largely focused on the balance and multiplayer side of things.

We've learned the hard way that multiplayer has to be finished first before focusing on single player. For example, introducing the sub-factions alone caused every single mission to break, and fixing them took countless hours over the course of several months. Even seemingly minor things like adding or removing passenger slots from a vehicle can have major consequences for missions. Of course, we can't and shouldn't totally avoid future changes to the gameplay (especially with such promising engine extension projects as Vinifera on the horizon), but the smaller the changes, the less rework it will require for the single player campaigns.

As with all our plans, achievements and changes are subject to time and ability, however our aim for the near future is to release:

  • Two new co-op missions
  • Two new GDI Act 1 missions

Reinforcements Required
With the release of 0.9, I (Crimsonum) have stepped down from being a lead developer, a position I've held since 2017. I'm now taking a more advisory role so that I can focus on real-life responsibilities. ErastusMercy will continue the job in my stead.

But it's not all doom and gloom! Since the release of 0.8 we have been joined by several new members: martx, Demo, FekLeyTarg, LupusMechanicus, with contributions from McPwny and Haiheadder. They, alongside team veterans, have lent their talents towards this release.

Managing and developing a large project like TI takes a lot of commitment and time: a luxury that our small team doesn't have. That's why we're always looking for more helping hands. More contributors means we can produce content faster.

If you're good at any of the below, please consider helping us out!

  • 3D animation and/or texturing
  • Mission maps (scripting)
  • Multiplayer maps
  • Social media (content creator and/or poster)
  • Sound effects (design and/or editing)
  • Voice acting

In the meantime, if you'd like to see more previews and news in the future, consider joining our official Discord server, our most up-to-date social media channel.

Follow us around the web!

P.S. Thanks to Banshee for posting the news earlier on the front page....

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Good day everyone.

As some of you may have noticed, TI's Discord server suddenly went down a few days ago. We're still investigating the matter with Discord, but it seems unlikely that the old server can be recovered.

Fortunately, we have a brand new server now up and running.

Click here to join.

For more information on what happened, check the announcements channel on the Discord server....

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Hello everybody, it's been a long time. Nearly two years have passed since the last major release for Twisted Insurrection. The long wait was only made worse by our unintentional lack of communication. In the past few years, our team has slowly grown thinner, leaving us with only a few active but strongly dedicated members. Most other contributors are busy with real life or other projects, so development has been slower than before.

That said, TI is very much still being worked on. It's taken time, but we're finally releasing that you've all been waiting for - version 0.8, or as we like to call it, the Invasion Update.

We hope that this new release is proof of our dedication to TI's continued development. In fact, our plan is to release smaller, more frequent updates from now on. We would also like to keep the public better updated on what is happening with TI's development from now on.

Without further ado, let's have a look at what this version has to offer, shall we?

New features in version 0.8
The complete changelog can be found here, be sure to check it out!

Stability Fixes
TI has been known for crashes and connection errors during multiplayer matches, which can be frustrating to anyone trying to play online. Version 0.8 has hundreds of changes and fixes aimed at making the game more stable and allow players to enjoy the game without interruptions. Additionally, these changes have made the next feature viable to implement.

Co-Op Mode
TI now has a fully working Co-Op mode along with a new mission to play! This new mode is intended to have additional missions in the future, including a campaign which will provide more insight into the storyline, in particular, the Forsaken. Special thanks to Rampastring and the DTA mod, who helped immensely in making this happen.

New Buildings, Units, and Terrain Props
Many new assets have been included in the latest build including:

  • Globotech (tech faction) now have their own Refinery, Silos and a new Gun Drone
  • The Forsaken (tech faction) now have their own artillery, the Mistfire
  • Sons of Kane (campaign faction) get both an Attack Buggy and Bike (currently crate goodies)
  • UN (campaign faction) receive a new Light Tank and TOW Humvee
  • Twisted Dawn era Nod gains the Chemical Warrior, both factions get a Recovery Vehicle
  • Infested trees, Blossom trees and Tiberium-based megaflora
  • Numerous map props for the upcoming campaign

And more.

Rebalanced Factions
Many units in TI were often unused for standard play due to having a very niche nature or by being too underpowered. Overhauled units include:

  • GDI Siege Trooper
  • GDI Phalanx Railgun
  • Nod Cleaver Drone
  • Nod Hammerhead
  • Nod Stinger Mobile SAM

Just to mention a few.

New Campaign Missions
The TI story is undergoing work to make the storyline fit together better. GDI mission 1 has been updated to a new version in which the UN will play a larger role in GDI's collapse and later subsequent rebirth. Additionally, the Twisted Dawn Missions 1 & 2 have been amalgamated into a larger mission as both missions canonically take place on the same map and are relatively short.

5 New Multiplayer Maps
New Multiplayer Maps Five new multiplayer maps are included in the new version. In addition, many existing maps have received updates.

1 Co-Op Map

  • [2] Operation: Friendly Fire

8 New Music Tracks
0.8 soundtrack includes six new tracks by Swirekster and a guest track by Stringstorm.

  • Pyrotek
  • Bogeyman
  • Incandela
  • No Mercy
  • Lines in the Sand
  • To Shreds
  • Lullaby
  • Lunar Grin

New Bonus Mission
'Operation: Friendly Fire' is a parody mission of the "Raid Area 51 - They can't stop us all!" event, featuring the soundtrack "It's Happening" by Montlygon. Disclaimer: The TI Team by no means encourages the actual event set for September 20th 2019. We strongly discourage any attempts to approach the facility as it is an active airforce base.

All this and more in the latest build.

Download the latest volume of our official soundtrack.

Project W.I.R.E.S.
Last but certainly not least, we have another present, something quite different. Sivsarcast, a blogger, writer, and an active member in our community, has been developing a grand novel based on the Twisted Insurrection storyline. This novel, titled Project W.I.R.E.S., follows the events of the game's singleplayer campaign, featuring familiar characters and introducing new ones. Here's an excerpt from the intro:
Tiberium. Its emerald glow alluring as it is deadly. Its arrival shook the world to the core, sparking what would be known as the First Tiberium War. The Earth was split between the Global Defense Initiative(GDI), who sought to contain Tiberium, and the Brotherhood of Nod, who embraced Tiberium as their salvation.

Three years of bloodshed have eroded the eagle’s talons, while the scorpions continued to crawl out of the woodwork. The completion of the Orbital Ion Cannon would be the eagle’s saving grace, a tool to end the war. That is, until the unthinkable

Read the novel here

Note: Project W.I.R.E.S. is based on the pre-version 0.8 storyline. Most of the story's events will therefore be either spin-offs or non-canon.

Be sure to also check out Siv's blog, including the popular series Tiberium Tuesdays.

Join The Brotherhood
We thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy the latest release. If you want to support the development of TI, why not consider contributing or even applying to join our team. We have open positions for 3D and 2D artists as well as map-makers, but anything from voice and sound assets to just plain writing is appreciated. In most cases, previous experience with the Tiberian Sun engine is not required. If you can contribute, then don't hesitate to contact us!

We're also looking forward to hearing your thoughts on version 0.8, so feel free to ask us any questions or report any bugs you encounter.

Now go forth and have fun!

P.S. I would've posted this sooner here but unfortunately, PPM was inaccessible due to recent DoS attacks. Thanks to Banshee for posting the news on the front page....

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The Twisted Insurrection Team is pleased to announce the hotly-awaited release of Twisted Insurrection Version 0.7!

This latest release has undergone over 400 lines of various changes, fixes and additions, the most exciting of which is the implementation of a new Tech Faction: The Forsaken, a darker take on the Forgotten from Tiberian Sun.

Here's a summary of the changes. For a complete list of changes since the last public release, check out the full changelog.

Key Additions & Changes

  • 14 New Music Tracks
    • Tibby & Noddy
    • In Flames
    • Arming to Win
    • Veins
    • Radioactivity
    • Tungsten Souls
    • W.I.R.E.S
    • The Surveyers
    • The Theme
    • Milestone
    • Nod Crush Remix
    • Cold Rain
    • Obsession Software
    • Killing Fields [Frank Klepaki Remix]

  • 11 New Multiplayer Maps
    • [2] Big Little Lake
    • [2] Industrial Strength
    • [2] Siege Rush
    • [2] Tournament City
    • [4] Mental Malice
    • [4] Offense Defense
    • [4] Escalation
    • [5] D-Day
    • [6] Close Quarters
    • [6] Forsaken Night
    • [6] Island City

  • New Tech Faction: The Forsaken
    • Eight New Forsaken Tech Units
    • Three New Forsaken Tech Buildings
    • Two New Forsaken Tech Defenses
    • One New Forsaken Superweapon

  • Other Additions
    • Over a dozen hacks that significantly enhance gameplay
    • New and improved unit & building graphics
    • New & improved terrain graphics
    • New Voiceovers
    • Balance changes & bugfixes including
    • Tech units (GloboTech & Forsaken units can now be built from, and only from, their respective factories)
    • GDI Marauders can now fly with jetpacks
    • Nod Cyborgs now have more specific roles
    • Tiberium lifeforms are now a more serious threat

All this and more in the latest build.

Download here or update via launcher

We thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy the latest release. We're also looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Version 0.7, so please feel free to ask us any questions or report any bugs you encounter. Now go forth and have fun!...

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Hi everyone.

First of all, a big thanks to all our fans out there for voting us on the first phase of the Mod of the Year Awards. Thanks to you, we've made it to the Top 100 nine times in a row!

However, the battle is not over just yet. Phase two is on so remember to vote for us a second time. Just head to the Top 100 page on Mod DB, find us under Tiberian Sun mods and click vote! Remember, you can vote for as many mods as you like, so don't forget to vote other great projects such as Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Mental Omega.

Now for the announcement you've all been waiting for...

Version 0.7 & OST Release Date

Twisted Insurrection Version 0.7 and the Original Soundtrack Volume 7 will be released on thursday, 21st of December, 2017.

Here's a brief summary of what we've accomplished since 0.6.5:

  • New tech faction: Forsaken
  • New units
  • New structures
  • 14 new music tracks
  • A dozen new multiplayer maps
  • Over a dozen hacks that significantly enhance gameplay
  • Updated client, with several fixes and new features such as multiplayer auto-saving
  • New and improved unit and building graphics
  • New and improved terrain graphics
  • New voiceovers
  • Improved campaign missions
  • Enhanced gameplay
  • Improved map editor
  • AI improvements
  • Tons of balance changes and bugfixes, including:
  • Tech units, including GloboTech and Forsaken units, can now be built only from their respective factories.
    • GDI Marauders can now fly like the Jumpjet Infantry in TS.
    • Nod Cyborg Reaper (new graphics) is once again treated as a vehicle (like in Firestorm) and must be built from the Fist of Nod
    • Tiberium creatures are now stronger against anti-personnel weapons.
    • A ton of miscellaneous fixes & cleaning of the INIs.

And that's only scraping the surface! The full list of changes is over 400 lines long!

So mark up your calendars and prepare your battle stations. The next update is going to be big....

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